Where: Maverick Park, San Antonio
When: May 16th, 2020 @ 6:00pm


Saturday (May 16th)

6pm – 7:30pm

  • Dinner
    For a $5 donation, you can sample the chili and baked goods and will be given tickets to cast your vote for who the winners are in each category.
    • Chili Cook Off competition
      Think you’ve got the best chili in Texas? Prove it! Bring a large pot of it down to Maverick Park and let the participants vote to see who is the winner of the day!
    • Best Bakes competition
      Are your cupcakes divine? Your cookies to die for? Brownies all the rage? Make your best baked good and bring it down to the park to be judged by the participants to see who is declared the winner!
  • Speeches by Thrive and Stand Up For Kids
    We want to give Thrive and Stand Up For Kids the opportunity to thank you, the supporters and participants of this event, and let you know the impact of the funds you raised.
  • Park games
    To help keep the kids entertained, there will Games and entertainment provided by the San Antonio Public Library to play with family and friends while you enjoy the cook off competition.

8pm – 9pm

  • Just One Night ANGEL awards
    We want to take a moment to recognize our top fundraisers for the effort they put in on behalf of Just One Night. We couldn’t do this without you!

9pm – 6am

  • The Main Event: Sleeping in the Park
    We will let our participants stake out their claim on a spot in the park to set up their sleeping bags. Surrounded by volunteers, as well as an officer who will be on site the whole night, participants will be well looked after to ensure their safety as they slumber.

Sunday (May 17th)

5am – 6am

  • Donuts, Coffee, and Cheers, oh my!
    You made it! You raised the funds, you committed to sleeping in the rough for a night to heighten awareness of youth homelessness and now you get congratulatory donuts, coffee, and a huge thank you from Sister Dottie.