And with that closing “thank you” speech, Just One Night 2020 has come to a close. At the closing bell, y’all raised $10,625 to help homeless youth… and I’m left speechless.
With Covid-19 changing the very fabric of our society… at a time when uncertainty reigns and no one would ever look askance at you for simply holding the line to protect you and yours… you still found it in your hearts to give your support to others in need.

I love each and every one of you for your part in this. More than you will ever know. You’re amazing. You’re beautiful and you’re absolute rockstars. I couldn’t be more honored to know you.

A special shout out to:
San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department & San Antonio Public Library
Although we didn’t end up using the park or having y’all there to provide games this year, your support of this event has been amazing and absolutely deserves a shout out.

Our sponsor this year: Fiesta Youth
an organization doing amazing good in the lives of our queer youth in San Antonio and across Texas. My life would have been much different had orgs like theirs been around when I was a kid just figuring out who I was.

My Angel fundraisers/donors: Jack and Mike, Brian, and Ray.
You guys pulled out all the stops on fundraising and were part of the reason we had such a good showing DESPITE covid-19. So thank you. Enjoy the well earned t-shirts (once I mail them!)

And now… I sleep. ❤

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