Uncle Ricco

Sleeping in the park for homeless youth awareness. I'll do the sleeping in the park. You do the donating :)
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About the Campaign

There are young people out there who are alone, rejected, and in desperation.  They are most likely wondering how to make it to the next day or maybe the next meal.  Contributing to this amazing event can help Stand Up For Kids and Thrive to find these young people and impower them to change these circumstances.  They don’t have to be alone.  They can belong.  They can feel hope, and you can help with that right now by scrolling below this description and donating to the Uncle Ricco campaign.  I can promise you it will make a world of difference to youth struggling with homelessness.

Thank you, and we hope to see you on our big day/night…..May 18th, 2019…we’ll have the big event at Maverick Park. All our fundraisers gathered together, sleeping bags in hand, to try to draw awareness to the plight of homeless youth.



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