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He who is at the top should always reach below them in hopes someone will raise higher than they could even dream.
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Childhood is harder than any adult will admit or remember. Things that seem so insignificant to an adult like High School or having a job can been worlds to those who are approaching Senior Year and looking for their first job. It is in these times where we learn, where we figure out who we are, or who we could be, when we prepare for something we can not predict, and when we build our networks, friends that will hopefully be with us for our lives.

But…..That is not all we learned. We learned to fear. We learned our flaws. And some of us, we learned we can’t.

Being bounced around by two parents in different states who hated each other and either didn’t care or have time to raise me and my sister, one parent being a hateful homophobic, and abusive military man and the other, a majorly depressed, always stressed working woman has taught me a lot of things that is still affecting me today. I didn’t feel I figured out who I was until 2 years ago, I stopped having hope in my future, I felt alone, where everyone could easily grow without me, and simple things like doing the laundry, managing money, aiming high, just didn’t develop in me. At the end of a very long and confusing childhood it ended abruptly when I became homeless unable to trust that either parent even cared. Now a kid that already thought he was worthless is on the streets, alone, confused, unable to trust anyone.

If only someone cared. If only someone was able to find me and make me think things could be better. Maybe I wouldn’t have harbored feelings of isolation so long into my adulthood. That’s what I am fundraising for. If even one child can avoid my fate thanks to my help that is all I need. If a simple act of caring can stop someone from becoming apathetic I have left my mark. If an adult can donate, even if it seems annoying or insignificant to them, it can make a world of difference to another.

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